King's Village Church

Clemmons, NC

Discovery Bible Study

Join us weekly during the months of July and August as we discuss passages of Scripture and work together to apply them to our lives.


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Welcome to King's Village

Our mission is to be part of a disciple-making movement in Clemmons, NC that results in gospel saturation, where every man, woman, and child encounters clear and compelling gospel witness in their daily lives.

Open Lives

Rediscovering a simple, but radical, hear-and-obey discipleship.

Open Homes

Equipping and empowering believers to be disciple-makers where they live, work, and play.

Open Bibles

A community of disciple-makers gathering around the Word in every neighborhood in Clemmons.

Explore the Vision

King’s Village is not your typical church. You won’t find a band, dynamic speaker, or even a public worship service. What you will find is followers of Jesus committed to living as missionaries in their neighborhoods and relational networks. You will find Bible studies aimed at introducing people to who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. You will find the church gathering in neighborhood homes throughout Clemmons living out their identity in Christ and seeking to love their neighbor.

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Partners in the Gospel

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